patches of love....

A little gift from Florida came in the mail today....

It was perfectly stitched together with photos of our life together, Dallas Cowboys patches, and little comments of encouragement and love all over the back. What a great way to go into the weekend. I also heard from a good friend of mine today stating there was another gift headed our way from our Chicago, Tampa/Brandon, and Minnesota friends. I am beyond speechless and thankful. How can I put into words how appreciative I am in this moment to every single one of you. All of this to support our journey and all without batting an eye. Thank you friends....thank you for being so amazing.


  1. For God nothing is impossible When did the doctors say there is where God shows his glory and always when you have our permission. I've been hit with this notica since I was very fond juan.pero want you to know that while there is life there is hope and not Tede up just believes that God made me to serve milagros.solo tell juan to mention your name and sano.dile will repeat these words.
    lord jesus lay down my life to you, Lord for saving my grasias amal. and heal. and you only believe that he also created and I promise that God raised him from the bed I've seen the miracles God can do I've seen people who have been healed of cancer and AIDS, god believe me you can do with john do not lose faith . this is the time to believe in God and that he can do it.

  2. You do not know me. I am a friend of Kristin's K Smith.

    We are praying.


  3. Wow, the blanket turned out to be so beautiful! I had no idea it would be so amazing. The both of you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Miss you!



  4. My prayers continue for you both. The strength you both have shown throughout this battle is amazing. God bless you both.

  5. Cat, you are the one that is amazing. I continue to pray for you and John to have peace and continued strength. God bless.

    Your Tampa/Brandon sister,

  6. Found your blog ... loving you ... praying for you ... hoping for you. I will tell everyone I know to pray and pray and pray.

  7. I just came across your blog and I want to say how amazing I think you both are. I am praying for you!

  8. I stumbled upon this blog also. You are such an encouragement to me. You are so strong and have such a positive attitude despite what you're both having to deal with. I'm sorry for the pain you're both having to deal with and I will be praying for you both. You are loved even by us who you do not know.

  9. Just wanted you to know that I am still keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Wish I could be there for you along with Stephanie, Nichole, and everyone else.

  10. Cat and John,

    I haven't give up my thoughts and prayers for you both.

    Miss you,


  11. Praying for God's Peace for you both. Lean on Him!

    I love the Cowboys blanket! How precious!

    Your Cowboys fan RN,