Today is going to be a great day......

Today John and I are going to get our pictures finally. I cannot wait to post them. The even better part...our photographer is so sweet. I am very excited to be in downtown Winter Park and enjoy just being with John seeing how the pictures turn out.

Homework is still difficult and finding the time to stay on top of it has been a proven task. I have to keep reminding myself this is all worth it in the end. It is all worth it in the end. Lots of reading, lots of writing, less sleep, more responsibility....it is all worth it in the end.

John is going to Indianapolis tomorrow. I am going to miss him more than anything. He will be gone until next Sunday to spend time with his dad and to help Vikki with day to day things she cannot do for him like lifting him and helping him move around as much as he can. I know this is going to be a hard trip for him since it is all going to be right in front of him and not from Florida. His dad is one of the strongest people I have ever met and I know and pray he will come out of this stronger and cancer free. Grandmother update: she is a fighter. A strong, persistent fighter. I wish I could just fly her here to stay with us....

I think this is it for now. Not too much...just wanted to update myself more than anyone about what my life is like at this point.


Holy procrastination station....

Welcome to my graduate degree. This is the end of the first week and I have decided to take two classes. WOW. I am glad I am getting two "easier" (I love how some define easy at this point in time) classes out of the way in the beginning, but what a way to get put right back into reality when it comes to course work....especially at the graduate level. I am not really procrastinating...just delaying the inevitable. I have one last paper to turn in for the week, so for the most part, I have really been on top of everything. Then I get to turn around and start on week two. :)

I got back from Minnesota this past weekend and it was really an amazing trip. I have been doing very well at work, but I think this trip just added to that feeling of accomplishment and need for refreshment. I knew what Rasmussen has always been about, but it was that much better to hear it again a year and a half later. The group was really great too and I loved how they asked me endless questions about what I know and how I run my business. Again, it was something I needed and I cannot wait to start the week with a fresh feeling.

The Dallas Cowboys lost. UGH! I am not the happiest camper, but I'll get over it. O well. There is always next year...

Alright, just a little break to catch up on my infamous blog. I cannot believe the next two years of my life will be dedicated to school once again....and I cannot believe when it is all said and done, I will have my MBA. I cannot wait.


The big game...

As I sit here waiting for the TX/AL game to begin, I realize I have not posted anything in a long time. Go Horns!!! :)

There is so much to share....so much to say. All in all, I am thankful for this new year and the friends we brought in the new year with. I welcome 2010 with open arms and positive thoughts.

Since I last posted, my grandmother went to the hospital. She had open heart surgery and my mom ran to Peru to be by her side. For weeks we were all on pins and needles here. Thankfully, she made it through her surgery and though in pain, she is fighting to stay in good spirits. Big John is fighting the good fight as well. Cancer has tried to win, but he keeps pushing just as hard back. We talk and think about him everyday and know he will be fine and strong for the future. Send your good thoughts and prayers to Lima and Indianapolis. Two beautiful spirits and people in my life need it the most right now.
2009 ended with a much needed vacation to Dallas. Though there was a huge delay in getting there thanks to a freak snow storm in Dallas, it was the best trip I have had in a long time. It was so great to see my family. I had not seen my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and neice in over a year. I could not stop hugging and loving on them. I love love love them so much! Look how big they have gotten.
2010 has started with a great move in my career. I am now under a new team and with a new title. I love my career and what it looks like for the future. I change people's lives...plain and simple....and am thankful I get the chance to do so. Next week I am going to MN to help with new hire training since being the number one representative in RCO. It is a big honor to be asked to do something like this. The only downfall...the temperature is going to be in the teens when I get there! HOLY COW! Do I even own winter clothes anymore?
That same week I am in MN, I start my MBA. My MBA. No matter how many times I say it, I still cannot believe it. I am going to start my master's at the age of 26 and I have never been more excited. Get ready Benedictine...here comes Cat. When it is all over, I will be sure to go to IL and walk across the stage. John is also looking into his own grad program at a local college and we will work diligently to get him into something he can be proud of too. Michelle is starting the week after I start and Mely is starting nursing school my same week too. All four of us will soon be in school and with no life! lol...worth every second of it.

The house hunt is still going...slowly but surely. We are getting all our ducks in a row and soon will find something we love. Also, I am setting up an appointment this week for pictures. Finally right? Since we had no pics for our engagement...we will finally have photos to send to our family.

So this is it...I am sure I will be doing a lot of postings here soon having to do with updates with family and school. Stay tuned.

Hello 2010...I am excited to see you.