BC once again....

I get to see Brandi Carlile again tonight. I cannot wait. :)



Body paint....

I got my first tattoo a week and a half ago. Painful...yes. Worth it...yes. Who knew getting a tattoo would be so ridiculous...but beautiful. Everyone who has one says they are addicting. I got bit by the same bug. I am already thinking about my next. What, where and when? Who knows? I will enjoy this one for a while.

We are getting the other photos
from our shoot soon. They will
be ordered very soon and I
will post the rest
of them immediately. Emily did a great
job and I could not be happier
with her work.

                          Work is steady.
I am in a great position and I work with great people.
I work with even better students. I have a student right now
who is in Afghanistan. In one of the scariest places on earth
and he is going to start school in April. He amazes me. He has so much strength
and is incredibly brave. It makes me think of some of the other excuses I
hear from people not starting school.
"I am so busy."
"I am so important."
Serving to protect every one of us...fighting for us...and he is doing it.
Beautiful and amazing.
Professionally, some things are changing right now.
They are good changes.
I am just interested with what I will see next.

                                                                           Where do I even begin. The first term is almost over. There is a good start.

Oh yeah...I saw Brandi Carlile this past weekend in Ft. Lauderdale. Let me just say...WOW. She is more than amazing. She is ridiculous live. Her sound is not done justice recorded. Did I mention we are going to see her again this weekend? :)

Some of the coolest people I ever met.


The quote to live by...always....

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be NO more hurt, only more love.

Mother Teresa


a beautiful day.....and a small sneak peak....

Here is my little sneak peak! I love the photos so far and cannot wait to see what is to come....

We had a blast with Emily and the setting was so laid back...even though it was freakishly cold that day!!! I have no idea what happened to the Florida weather we were having earlier in the week, but it decided to go away pretty quickly.

More to come in the next few weeks!