Ending the year....

As this year comes to a close....I begin to look back at everything that has happened this year. More than anything I am thankful. I have made great strides in my career...as has John...and I begin to look forward at other opportunities that are coming my way with an open mind and an open soul. Thankfully I have someone by my side who feels the same way. Take things as they come and it will always benefit our little family. Not to mention, we are still on our hunt to find our first home. It will come soon and I cannot wait to be a homeowner.

This month in particular has been a blast. John has not just had a birthday day....but a birthday week. We have the great friends and I would not want to have spent it with anyone else. We have had dinners and get togethers all week and weekend. Today we spent the day at the spa to do some much needed R & R. Wednesday, thanks to Michelle and Mel, we get to go to a Magic game to see them take on Lebron and Shaq, aka John's favorite player of all time. Great seats too. He makes me so incredibly happy.

Today I contacted a photographer to take our photos too. I am so excited. I cannot wait to do those before the end of the year. She is incredibly talented and I found her through a friend who said she has a great spirit about her...and it really shows in her work.

Big John and Vikki came to visit last month and we had so much fun taking them to the beach. They could live at the beach or on the coast if you let them. :) Big John is doing so well after chemo...you would think he just shaved his head for the hell of it. He looks really great and it was so good to see the two of them.

In a month and a half...I get to see my beautiful family. I cannot wait to hug and laugh with them over Christmas. It will be over a year before I see them again in December. Again, I cannot wait.
So....P90X. Workout of a lifetime. Kicking my butt everyday to get in amazing shape. In the last leg of Phase 2....with Phase 3 quickly approaching, I am ready to take on another level. Yoga has taken more of a presence in my life. I like to go at least 2 times a week to add on to what I am doing with my home workout. It has really changed my life and has really added a sense of balance to my day to day "being".

For now...that is all. Centered, loved, in love and happy....that is me.


What this week was like....

I am sore...I think that can sum up my week. Even bending my fingers hurts. Michelle and I started P90X on Monday and we have made it through the first week of an intense workout routine. Basically, it is total muscle confusion and you workout everyday for an hour for 90 days. We are through week one and I am sore, but feeling so much better. I cannot wait to see my transformation after month one, two and three.

John and I have been enjoying a weekend together...he has two days off in a row and I am so happy to have spent it with him.

Still house hunting. We are so lucky to have found a great real estate agent. We are looking in Heathrow/Lake Mary and Longwood. We want to stay on the side of tow we are in now. We really love it over here. I cannot wait to have our own little casita. We hope to be settled in by February or March of next year.

Plans are in place to go to Dallas for Christmas and I cannot wait to see my family. It is a very short trip so it will be dedicated all to my family.

I have officially turned in my citizenship paperwork! I am so happy.

That is about it...just working and working out like crazy. I love the career path I have in front of me and I cannot wait what else I come across in the next few months.


The long weekend...

I am so glad this long weekend was full of relaxation and family time. Romo has been sick though and that has been tough. He has a vet appointment tomorrow and hopefully it isn't something too serious.

This morning John and I booked our flight to Dallas for Christmas! I am so freaking excited to see my family that weekend. I have not seen them in over a year...I cannot believe it has been that long.

The meeting with Kara went amazing! I am so excited to get back in to the swing of things with her and find our little casita. There are a few areas we have fallen in love with and I cannot wait to dig deeper.

I never knew how much work went in to changing my last name. It is really a long process but obviously worth it. All I have left to change is my driver's license and then my bank stuff...and that will be it! Thank goodness.

That is that...nothing really new to update. Going for a run tonight and I cannot wait to get ready for this next week.


Busy does not even begin to describe it...

This week seemed to drag on slower than the slow motion scenes in Baywatch. I could not believe how slow the week went by and how busy I seemed to be. Busy is always better than having nothing to do combined with a slow week. I am so thankful though. I have a great job, great friends from work and I love what I do. Also, I am going to be leading the team next week because Paul is taking a much deserved vacation. He is also part of the reason I love going to work everyday.

I am really excited because I am meeting with Kara, our realtor, next week to go over more details of the house search. As you know, we are putting it on a tiny hold for right now...but it is a good thing. We are getting all of our ducks in a row and we are looking in nicer areas. We want a great neighborhood and a yard for the pups. Somewhere great to start our little family one day.

My brother celebrated his 29th birthday on the 6th, my father in law celebrated his on the 19th and my sister in law celebrated her 24th the 9th. Crazy how time flies. We miss our families so much and we cannot wait to see them during the holidays this year. An update on John: he is currently going through his second round of chemo and he said he is holding up. He is in good spirits and I try to call him weekly. Good news is that he is still planning to come see us in October. We cannot wait to see him and Vikki very soon!

We are still missing Cocoa here but we know she is in good hands with Connie and Sue. I cannot wait to get our little girl back and I know Romo misses his girlfriend.

As for this weekend...it is Labor Day. Finally, a couple of days off and with John to enjoy them with me. We are thinking about going to Miami Beach this weekend to enjoy the sand and the people. I cannot wait for the weekend. :)


Actually keeping up with such things....

This is where the challenge begins. Can I keep up with a blog? Well...yes...I just need to put more effort in to something that could be really great when it comes to sharing what is going on with the two of us in our lives as far as how John and I grow together...and eventually, kiddos. :)

So what has changed since the last blog you ask? I think the biggest news is John got a promotion with Aldi! I am so incredibly happy and proud of him. I hate the word "deserve" because nobody deserves anything in life if they do not work extremely hard for it, but John absolutely deserves this promotion.

I also received a promotion at Rasmussen. I am now the Admissions Manager for a wonderful team. I have never been so happy to go to work everyday. I am so lucky to have the friends I have around me each and every day.

As far as John and I go together...we are still looking for our first little casita. I am so excited. We have been looking for about a month now and have found a few prospectives. I cannot wait to have our own little house and have a backyard for the puppies. The hardest part about having our own house will be not living with Mich and Mely anymore. I have to say it is an absolute party here every weekend and I will miss it so much. I love coming home at night and having someone here when John has to work late and of course, the late night talks we always have about life, love, and well, everything.

The next thing John and I have to do together is post engagement/marriage pictures. We found a great photographer thanks to some great friends here. Also, I am getting my citizenship soon! The paperwork will be put through next week and then it is just a waiting game.

We are constantly thinking about big John in Indiana...always keeping him in our thought and prayers. We love and miss him very much. John will be in Indy again this weekend to see him and of course, spend some time with the boys and fantasy football. I know he will have a blast.

Well, that is it for now. There will be more soon. :)


My First Blog

Well, here it is. My very first blog. Who would have thought? I just thought this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on what is going on in my little life. All is well right now...and I will for sure write more later. I just wanted to get this little thing started for when John and I take more steps in our lives together...smiling and laughing along the way. I could not be happier. Of course there will be tons of pictures too. :)