some much needed news…

Yesterday was epic. Maybe epic is not the word I need to use here. Momentous. Ridiculous. Phenomenal. Needed. After five months of tests, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, tears, laughter, optimism, hitting rock bottom, discussions of life, love and death, and everything else including the kitchen sink, we got the much needed news of progress we needed to hear yesterday. First, let me catch some of you up to speed.

Since John’s last post over a week ago, he has been really taking this “eating” thing seriously. He has been making it a priority to eat at least three times a day and snacking as often as his tiny stomach will allow him. Retraining your body to accept chow and teaching your stomach to expand and hold down those nutrients is difficult. He has made this task very attainable and as many of you read in the previous post, is an absolute necessity in his fight against cancer. A week ago, in his second week of his break after his second week of treatment, John went for testing. A full set of chest and pelvic scans with and without contrast to determine how well chemotherapy was “killing the bitch” inside of him was the on the agenda that day. He went in optimistic and came out the same. The rest of the week was full of, yes, you guessed it…eating. Anything he was craving, we went and picked it up or went out to eat. We kept this going through the weekend and found ourselves Sunday night realizing we had to go in the next morning for the results from the previous Tuesday.

So there we were, with Susie in tow, in the doctor’s office waiting room placing our bets. “How much weight do you think I have gained since the last time I was weighed two weeks ago?” John questioned us. We guessed anywhere between 5-8 pounds at the most. Right then, his name was called to go back into an examination room to get the results of the blood work taken that day, weight gain and the bigger news of tests the week before. Sitting in the room all together, John revealed his weight increase. 12 pounds…12 unbelievable pounds!!! We were all ecstatic and on a complete high waiting for the oncologist to walk in. What a great way to start the appointment. Right before he came into the examination room, John said something so beautiful and positive. “No matter what news we get in the next ten minutes, I know how good I feel right now and am so happy I am eating as much as I have been these past few weeks…so it cannot all be bad.” Right then, the door opened and a smiling doctor came into the room. I feel as though I had a Charlie Brown moment because the doctor’s mouth was moving and talking to us, but all I heard was the teacher’s voice with inaudible noises coming out…until he said, “So has anyone gone over the results with you?” Immediately, my ears perked up and we all shook our head in unison…no. His continued smile went into the reveal and he said,

“Well, it looks like chemo did its job…the cancer is over 50% gone.”

My mouth dropped open and my hands went over my face. I could not stop smiling and we were all elated about the news. He recommended a third round to continue like normal this week to keep the trend of cancer’s defeat going. John stayed at the cancer center for treatment and his mom and I walked out…giving each other high fives as we walked to the car. AMAZING!!! The news we always dreamed about hearing, but we did not think it would have been such a large percentage. He printed a copy of the results with words like “significant decrease” and “lower levels of…” plastered all over the sheets of paper. They are currently sitting on the kitchen table downstairs and I look at them daily for the constant reminder of his powerful progress. He has made such great leaps and bounds since this started months ago. I could not wait to tell family, friends and those who read these words now. I am sure it has trickled down but it feels good to type them out so I can reread this amazing revelation. Wow. I still get goose bumps all over my body when I think back to those fateful words we heard that day…50%!

The plan for the remainder of the week is pretty much like the other chemo weeks. Tomorrow John has to get a refill on his pump and Friday he gets it removed. We are hoping he bounces back faster than he did the first and second round. We can tell he is stronger this week than the weeks prior because he still craves food and wants to eat, but the nausea and throwing up stand in the way. This is a battle he is taking head on and talking about openly. Another topic he is talking about with family and friends is going back to work when his health gets back to normal and…swimming. Yes, going swimming. He revealed to Alex the other day he wanted to get in a pool as soon as he gets all the tubes removed. Little things people take for granted, like swimming, and minor mishaps people fall into and complain about during the day just do not seem so important anymore do they?

He is doing something many could never imagine accomplishing after getting the debilitating news he received in the beginning and starting so low…winning. He is unearthing his fighting desire and really pulling his strength from his gut to beat this thing. Without his will, there would be no fight and I must say…he has more will in his pinky finger than most people have their entire lives. Thank you John William Goddard…for being the reason we got this good news on Monday. Because of you, because of your stubborn and unwavering fight to live, we are now looking into the eyes of our future with laughter and optimism. I love you sweet angel.


  1. That is SO AMAZING and an answer to prayers that have been going on this entire time. I've been reading your blog and praying and asking my pastor to keep you in prayer. It will be a great day when I tell him this on Sunday!

  2. Great post Sissy:) As others would say cloud 9 was where we were. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of these last couple of weeks. I love you both so much!

  3. Emily and Amy7/28/10, 9:56 AM

    Excellent news!! As usual, you two are in our daily thoughts. So happy for your health! We love you!

  4. LOVE it... :) Love you guys so much! Always thinking about you...and soon the other 50% will be gone!!!!!!!!!!!! Always thinking of you guys!!

  5. Natalie Scott7/28/10, 10:30 AM

    SO great! I am so happy for you guys!!! This is great news :) Thinking of ya'll always!!! The love and prayers accross the United States is amazing!

  6. Jenny Woolfolk-Brown7/28/10, 11:18 AM

    Cat...I could never imagine what you have all been through in the last several months. I think the strength of the both of you is something AMAZING! Keep up the good work John! I will be praying for you both and the family. Such strength has been recognized and God is AWESOME!
    -Jenny Woolfolk-Brown (IUPUI)

  7. God is good and miracles do happen! I am so happy for all of you! Luann

  8. I am so happy for you both! I hope this kind of great news is a repeated again and again on your blog!

  9. Praise the LORD! Cat you and John have been in my prayers. I will continue to pray for you both and for the doctors to have wisdom in John's treatment.

  10. You two are unbeatable ! This news made my day my night and week. i can't wait to tell everyone else that have been asking about John.We miss him and still tell funny stories about him. Go Goddards!-

  11. Cat-
    So glad to hear the great news!! I follow weekly and was SO happy for you both to read this today! I look forward to more great news in the future!

    You both continue to be in my thoughts...