When you know it isn’t sprinkling anymore…

The saying “When it rains, it pours” came to mind this week as I rear ended someone on the way to work Wednesday. It was 8:30 that humid morning and I was about to merge onto Maitland Avenue from 17-92 when all of a sudden….bam….everyone slams on their brakes. I get tapped from behind which in turn, sends me crashing into the guy in front of me and the woman in front of him. Awesome. Only guy I hit in front of me stuck around. The guy that tapped me and the woman he tapped both left. I think I woke up that morning and thought, “Hmmmmmm. What else can I add to our plate today?” I am fine, the Blazer is not. The front end is smashed in and the SUV is done. All in all, I was upset in the moment and felt horrible, but I am not hurt. I am very thankful there were no injuries.

Finally, today we went in for the PET scan. This much anticipated scan lasted a few hours this morning and will give us the answers we have ALL been waiting for. He was so patient and so strong during the testing today, luckily I got to sit in the room with him for most of wait while the radioactive fluid filled his body via IV. He had to sit still and quiet for over an hour for everything to settle in

From there, he went into the testing room where I waited outside because of the rays. All in all, the test took about two and a half hours and I am so proud of him for enduring every step. After the scan, we took a walk around the mall just to get out of the house. It felt nice to walk around. He was so sleepy when we got back home...it had been a long morning.

This past month has been the longest month of our lives. It has been a long wait, but after these next two days, we will know everything. It will be a long weekend but one we will spend together. The plan for Monday is to hopefully go to the beach once we find out the results. Our best friend Michelle will be in tow to be a part of the day with us. So thankful for her.

Thank you again for all the positive thoughts and energy being sent our way. We feel it. If all of you only knew how much we feel your love. Negativity and horrible thoughts will never get to my husband because I will not let that reach him. This is just a bump in the road and we are going to take it day by day. My sweet angel…I hate the pain he has to endure and this ridiculous cancer but we are going to fight it with every ounce of energy and love we have along with all of you.

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