Everything looks different….

Every color, every smell, every statement, every glance…looks and feels different…there is more of an appreciation for the little things. It is like I cannot get enough of his touch, smile, love, stares, kisses, and voice. Things are not really any different than they were before between us, they have only enhanced. We have always been this way with each other. It is such a rare bond we share and this illness is not going to break it. It has only made us stronger together.


  1. I am seriously in tears right now. This post is beautiful. I love how in love you guys are.

  2. Hi John and Cat. We met briefly outside of the Brandi concert in Ft. Lauderdale. I am Deirdre, Amy's mom. My heart breaks for both of you, but you sound like wonderfully strong people who are geared up for a fight! I am an RD and have read a number of hopeful articles on vegan and even macrobiotic diets being a positive tool (along with chemo and radiation) in the fight with esophageal and stomach cancer. The pain that John experienced following the insertion of the PEG is concerning and hopefully this pain has subsided. Have they discussed the variety of enteral feedings available? A calorie dense one seems ideal as weight loss may become an enemy. I am here for any support - nutritional or otherwise. Our prayers are with you both. Deirdre

  3. I am praying for you both and for a miracle. You are both beautiful people and deserve a wonderful, LONG life together. I don't know you Cat but from reading this blog, I know you are an incredible person. I too love how in love you are. My thoughts are with you.