2 down...23 more to go

The title says it all. The radiation specialist recommended twenty five total days of treatment spread amongst five weeks, Monday through Friday. In relation to the radiation, they also recommended chemotherapy once a week for six hours every Monday starting next week. They wanted to get ahead of the game and begin to shrink the mass in his esophagus by starting radiation this week. Day one was difficult but day two was better. Rather than throwing up ten times today as he did yesterday, he threw up twice. The nausea medicine kicked in before but his body still fought back. All I can do is comfort him as the radiation seeps in his body gives him an adverse reaction.

The coming weeks are going to be hard and we have always known that since his diagnosis weeks ago. The power of good energy, loving touch, and powerful words are what I send to him…and thankfully, so is everyone we have ever met it seems. I really mean everyone. I was talking to a beautiful friend today trying to describe how we feel right now. She, like many, ask how we are doing daily..for that, I am grateful. I then told her it was so hard to describe, but for some reason, I found the words today. I feel as though John and I are embracing each other and everyone is surrounding us, in a circle, with their hands touching us with absolute love and positive energy. It is an amazing feeling and we talk about it every night. This love is a force to be reckoned with and this cancer does not have a chance. I will not stop thanking everyone ever...so here I go again. :) Thank you. Thank YOU. Because you are reading this, you care. Because you become a follower of this, you care. Because you are sending your love to him, you care. Because you think about him, you care. Because you feel sadness, you care. Because you are the beautiful spirit you are, you care. I am so incredibly thankful and in awe everyday of this love each and every one of you show toward my sweet angel. Please, keep them coming. I would love to respond to each one of your emails, texts, and phone calls, but I do not think I could even get back to everyone for weeks because of the outpouring of love from so many…and that is really a beautiful thing. Thank you again to all of you for wanting to stand next to him, next to us, and against this illness as a force. We are stronger because of you….family and friends alike.


  1. I'm not a woman of faith, but I have such faith in the love and energy surrounding John right now. You're an amazing lady, Cat. Your love is the true definition of unconditional love. I'm honored to be your friend and to stand by you and John in this fight. (Even if it is all the way in Omaha!) You're right. This cancer doesn't stand a chance.

  2. Cat, oh my word... it's been years since we've seen each other but I wanted to let you know I'm following your blog and think about you both every day. - McBee

  3. OMG Cat, I cry every time I read your blog but I cry because...man...you tell the story so well. I'm so touched. What a great description. I love you both.

  4. Cat and John, I feel your love for one another each and everyday. I feel it when I read your blog. I feel it when I get updates and am told of the wonderful care you are giving to John. I see it on your faces when pictures are posted. This is an exceptional love and I am so thankful that you have each other.

    We will all continue to send our positive energy your way and continue to surround the both of you with our love.

    Thinking of you each and everyday!


  5. Your love is powerful.. absolutely crazy powerful. and that my sweet friend is what will make all the difference in the world. you are one force to be reckoned with.. both of you together. because of YOUR love..
    walking alongside you in spirit.
    love you guys so very much.

  6. Hey babygirl, It's so sad to read your entries. I love that you watch John sleep, It's comforting. Please feel this GREAT BIG HUG I'm sending you. I will send you a kiss if you let me know if you want open or closed mouth. Go ahead and smile, you look beautiful when you smile. Take care of your MAN, and our baby.
    Hang in there, my heart is always with you too.
    I love you Cat!