busy day....

We had a BIG day today that wore the two of us out. We have had a storage unit since we moved in with Michelle and today, we’ve decided to downsize that unit and get rid of the monthly fee. It only took a few hours, but we have posted some things on Craig’s List and gave some things to Goodwill. Obviously, the more important items we will keep and put in friends garages and the guest room. It feels good to get that done and out of the way. After, we went to the grocery store and came home to a beautiful phone call.

One of our best friends Dustin called me today and could not have said kinder words. He proceeded to tell me all the wonderful things they are trying to get together amongst friends in Indy. Just the thought of all them gathered in a room makes me smile because they are some of the funniest, caring, greatest people I have ever met. I could only imagine the banter inside that room that night. He told me they gathered because of John. Wow. I have always known their hearts were beautiful and that gathering did not prove that to us, but rather reinforced how amazingly special they are. I know…they are not the only ones gathering on his behalf. That is the incredible part. There are so many people out there wanting to give of their thoughts, prayers, and time for him…my perfect soul mate. I always end my thoughts for the day with a thank you to our family and friends and this one will be no different. Thank you. We love all of you dearly and as always, are so lucky to have you journey this road with us. Monday is the big day and this is when we really put everything into motion. Until then, happy Easter everyone. :)


  1. I love you John! Your wife is very strong. She makes me cry everytime I get on here! I hope you guys have a good day today. xoxo

  2. Hi Catherine--Natalie sent me your blog and told me about what was happening to you and John. Know that I am praying for complete healing and a strong presence of the Lord to comfort and encourage both of you. So happy for you and your marriage to John. He sounds amazing and what a lucky guy to have you. Debbie Smith