And today was it...

Today marked the final day of radiation. Our spirits flew high as we drove into the hospital parking lot for his last treatment. We could not believe it. We kept looking at each other to reassure those positive thoughts of completion as we pulled into the front row of the Cancer Center. “Here we go!” I exclaimed as we exited the car. Each memorable step rang in my ears as we held hands pacing through the hallway toward the led filled room. Just like that, it was over…done….the 25 long, excruciating treatment plan was over. What seemed to take forever to get here was done and gone. After that, a little more light was shed on what steps we are to take next as far as chemo is concerned. Next week, we have a follow up with the oncologist and more testing. An endoscopy will follow to give the team more information on how well the radiation did these past five weeks. From there, chemotherapy will take place and the healing will continue. Though chemo is known to kill off both good and bad blood cells, we think this will be the final leg in the critical fight John has put up against this disease.

I have been keeping an electronic diary along with this blog of John. Photos and videos showing his strength and some of his words…though never many, of how he feels and what he has gone through thus far. You have seen some photos and now I would like to share some of his words…in his own voice. The first video is of when we found out he had stage 4 esophageal cancer and we decided to go to the beach to just get away from it all.
 This next video is right after John got his port put in to pump his body full of the chemotherapy medication. He was pretty stiff since his surgery was that same day. As you can see, his body was drawn on for his planned radiation "road map" as we called it. 
This third video was right after his first round of chemo and his fourth sitting in radiation. As you can see, his beard continues to grow. :) 
This last video was shot today...the last day of part one in his journey. As you can tell, John does not say much, but his face says it all. You can also see the progression in his weight loss throughout the videos.

Thank you again for following. It has not been easy, but he is incredibly strong. Who knew this would happen...and who knew he would be such a fighter...I did, we all did.

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  1. Look at that handsome bearded devil :) Great videos...nice to see you John! We love you!!