23 down…2 more to go…

Original title huh? I remember writing this same verbiage…back in mid-April, only backwards. We were 2 days into his radiation voyage and could not see the end in sight with 23 more to go. Now the light is at the end of the tunnel. John only has 2 more radiation treatments to go along with 1 part chemotherapy tomorrow as well. The oncologist recommended to still continue with the Monday appointment of chemo as scheduled to “boost” what radiation he has left. After all of this, he goes in for more testing, more second opinions, and his full blown chemo timetable will be scheduled from there.

Through all of this, I feel like I ask John the same rotating questions; “How are you feeling?” “What do you feel right now?” “Do you feel like throwing up?” “Do you feel like getting something in your belly?” Poor thing. I am constantly prodding him to make sure he does not need anything and just not asking. He melts my heart daily by turning to me and saying, “Thank you.” Those two little words that mean so much make it that much easier to wake up with him every night when he gets sick, rub his feet to relieve his thoughts of nausea, and trying my best to make him laugh as much as I can day to day. I know why he is saying those words, but they are not needed. He does not have to say it because we are doing this together…he is not a burden. Every time he says it, I immediately think of our vows… “…through sickness and in health”. Who would have thought those vows would come into fruition not even a year into our marriage? Who would have thought at such a young age? We didn’t but this is the hand we have been dealt. I should be thanking him. He is patient, loving, kind and still looks at me with his big blue eyes just as he did the first time we said we loved each other.

So here WE go. 2 more treatments with still a long road ahead of us, but one we CAN handle...together. He can do this. He will do this. He is pretty amazing isn’t he?


  1. Amazing, he is!

    And handsome :)

    Love, Nicole

    P.S. I bet it isn't hard for you to make him laugh. I remember when we first met John before you got married I told him he was going to have the most fun life ever, because you are sooo hilarious (we were drinking and all being very silly). And he looked at you with this big smile and said...YEAH...I KNOW...AWESOME...and I loved him ever since.

    Any man who looks at his lady like that is okay with me.

  2. miss you guys. really. my thoughts are always with you and John fueled with hope with every single one. love you.

  3. Yes he is a amazing man and so are you, I remember one night it was my turn to stay at the hospital with mom and she thought I was asleep I could hear her sobbing as she reached over and patted my head and said I'll make this up to you, so they do feel bad needing help but they know the one holding their hand is the one they can count on. Your a great couple stay Strong Love Aunt Gail