Ending the year....

As this year comes to a close....I begin to look back at everything that has happened this year. More than anything I am thankful. I have made great strides in my career...as has John...and I begin to look forward at other opportunities that are coming my way with an open mind and an open soul. Thankfully I have someone by my side who feels the same way. Take things as they come and it will always benefit our little family. Not to mention, we are still on our hunt to find our first home. It will come soon and I cannot wait to be a homeowner.

This month in particular has been a blast. John has not just had a birthday day....but a birthday week. We have the great friends and I would not want to have spent it with anyone else. We have had dinners and get togethers all week and weekend. Today we spent the day at the spa to do some much needed R & R. Wednesday, thanks to Michelle and Mel, we get to go to a Magic game to see them take on Lebron and Shaq, aka John's favorite player of all time. Great seats too. He makes me so incredibly happy.

Today I contacted a photographer to take our photos too. I am so excited. I cannot wait to do those before the end of the year. She is incredibly talented and I found her through a friend who said she has a great spirit about her...and it really shows in her work.

Big John and Vikki came to visit last month and we had so much fun taking them to the beach. They could live at the beach or on the coast if you let them. :) Big John is doing so well after chemo...you would think he just shaved his head for the hell of it. He looks really great and it was so good to see the two of them.

In a month and a half...I get to see my beautiful family. I cannot wait to hug and laugh with them over Christmas. It will be over a year before I see them again in December. Again, I cannot wait.
So....P90X. Workout of a lifetime. Kicking my butt everyday to get in amazing shape. In the last leg of Phase 2....with Phase 3 quickly approaching, I am ready to take on another level. Yoga has taken more of a presence in my life. I like to go at least 2 times a week to add on to what I am doing with my home workout. It has really changed my life and has really added a sense of balance to my day to day "being".

For now...that is all. Centered, loved, in love and happy....that is me.


  1. You know me, I check this blog every now and again :)

    I am soooo glad that you have taken up yoga. I have been slacking, but I practice at home if I can't go. It is a great stress reliever, and it's great for you in so many ways!

    I am so glad John had a great week and sad that we couldn't be more part of it :( You know that's my dude :) I can't wait to see you guys for your birthday...right? Love you much. COngrats, and stay on your p90x. It will work out great for you, you already look fabulous :)

  2. Your posts make me smile! I am so happy life in Orlando is amazing! You 2 are so cute together and I am thrilled to read how in love and happy you 2 are! I hope you 2 have a fabulous 2010 in your new home :)

    Love you guys!