Actually keeping up with such things....

This is where the challenge begins. Can I keep up with a blog? Well...yes...I just need to put more effort in to something that could be really great when it comes to sharing what is going on with the two of us in our lives as far as how John and I grow together...and eventually, kiddos. :)

So what has changed since the last blog you ask? I think the biggest news is John got a promotion with Aldi! I am so incredibly happy and proud of him. I hate the word "deserve" because nobody deserves anything in life if they do not work extremely hard for it, but John absolutely deserves this promotion.

I also received a promotion at Rasmussen. I am now the Admissions Manager for a wonderful team. I have never been so happy to go to work everyday. I am so lucky to have the friends I have around me each and every day.

As far as John and I go together...we are still looking for our first little casita. I am so excited. We have been looking for about a month now and have found a few prospectives. I cannot wait to have our own little house and have a backyard for the puppies. The hardest part about having our own house will be not living with Mich and Mely anymore. I have to say it is an absolute party here every weekend and I will miss it so much. I love coming home at night and having someone here when John has to work late and of course, the late night talks we always have about life, love, and well, everything.

The next thing John and I have to do together is post engagement/marriage pictures. We found a great photographer thanks to some great friends here. Also, I am getting my citizenship soon! The paperwork will be put through next week and then it is just a waiting game.

We are constantly thinking about big John in Indiana...always keeping him in our thought and prayers. We love and miss him very much. John will be in Indy again this weekend to see him and of course, spend some time with the boys and fantasy football. I know he will have a blast.

Well, that is it for now. There will be more soon. :)


  1. I like "and then there were two" even though I don't think I suggested it!!

    Congrats on looking for your first casita. I can't wait to visit. Just so long as you will have rock band...that's all I'm sayin. I bet it is fun living there with the girls buuuuut I totally feel you guys wanting to have your own space :) I am just so happy for you, it's ridiculous. And two promotions?? You guys totally deserve it.

  2. I want to know the couple everyone fell so in love with, so I've decided to read your blog from the begining. It may take me a while but I will do it! I love you!