The long weekend...

I am so glad this long weekend was full of relaxation and family time. Romo has been sick though and that has been tough. He has a vet appointment tomorrow and hopefully it isn't something too serious.

This morning John and I booked our flight to Dallas for Christmas! I am so freaking excited to see my family that weekend. I have not seen them in over a year...I cannot believe it has been that long.

The meeting with Kara went amazing! I am so excited to get back in to the swing of things with her and find our little casita. There are a few areas we have fallen in love with and I cannot wait to dig deeper.

I never knew how much work went in to changing my last name. It is really a long process but obviously worth it. All I have left to change is my driver's license and then my bank stuff...and that will be it! Thank goodness.

That is that...nothing really new to update. Going for a run tonight and I cannot wait to get ready for this next week.

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  1. I love that you're going to Dallas for Christmas!! I wish I could go see my fam but it's not looking like something that I can get together that quick...you'd be surprised.