My First Blog

Well, here it is. My very first blog. Who would have thought? I just thought this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on what is going on in my little life. All is well right now...and I will for sure write more later. I just wanted to get this little thing started for when John and I take more steps in our lives together...smiling and laughing along the way. I could not be happier. Of course there will be tons of pictures too. :)


  1. Dear Cat,

    Please name your blog more humorously. I like the sound of:

    "At Home with the Goddards"

    "Kickin' It Wiff Da Goddards"

    "Raising Baby Goddard: II ( 2)" (for later)(2 bc we are having baby Goddard number one...duhhhhh)

    "As Told By Mrs. Goddard"

    "Through Mrs. Goddard's Eyes"

    "And Then There Was...The Goddards"

    I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

    Hey, Thanks!!

    Ay-Cole and Deandra Toya Latoya Deandra

  2. I love that idea...changing it shortly. :) Creative is my middle name sweet love.

  3. I personally like suggestion 2. Kickin it Wiff da Goddards...LMAO. It will assure people that you are not, in fact, white.