Busy does not even begin to describe it...

This week seemed to drag on slower than the slow motion scenes in Baywatch. I could not believe how slow the week went by and how busy I seemed to be. Busy is always better than having nothing to do combined with a slow week. I am so thankful though. I have a great job, great friends from work and I love what I do. Also, I am going to be leading the team next week because Paul is taking a much deserved vacation. He is also part of the reason I love going to work everyday.

I am really excited because I am meeting with Kara, our realtor, next week to go over more details of the house search. As you know, we are putting it on a tiny hold for right now...but it is a good thing. We are getting all of our ducks in a row and we are looking in nicer areas. We want a great neighborhood and a yard for the pups. Somewhere great to start our little family one day.

My brother celebrated his 29th birthday on the 6th, my father in law celebrated his on the 19th and my sister in law celebrated her 24th the 9th. Crazy how time flies. We miss our families so much and we cannot wait to see them during the holidays this year. An update on John: he is currently going through his second round of chemo and he said he is holding up. He is in good spirits and I try to call him weekly. Good news is that he is still planning to come see us in October. We cannot wait to see him and Vikki very soon!

We are still missing Cocoa here but we know she is in good hands with Connie and Sue. I cannot wait to get our little girl back and I know Romo misses his girlfriend.

As for this weekend...it is Labor Day. Finally, a couple of days off and with John to enjoy them with me. We are thinking about going to Miami Beach this weekend to enjoy the sand and the people. I cannot wait for the weekend. :)

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