his day...

Yesterday was John’s day…and it was wonderfully relaxing. Like I said in the previous post, there was no agenda. We had a few visitors who all came to show their love to him. Lots of hugs, kisses, stories and birthday wishes floated around the house. John was able to get out of bed for a while and enjoy everyone who stopped by. He read several cards with their sweet messages and enjoyed a special cake, made just for him...thank you Steph's mom.

There was another beautiful, little gift waiting outside for John that afternoon too...

We usually sleep, eat, and talk about cancer day to day, but John’s birthday had nothing to do with that disgusting disease. It is unbelievable how something can dictate your every waking thought and movement…but yesterday it all went away. Today was just as pleasant and we are trying to keep that trend into the weekend. The plan is to go to the mall tomorrow…only if he is feeling at his best. We will have the wheelchair in tow and will try to brace ourselves for the cold weather. The Floridian blood still runs through us and it already feels a lot like winter here. :) Thank you again for sending your sweet words to John these past few days...it means the world to us. John also received this amazing video from my beautiful coworkers/family back in Florida...please click, watch and enjoy...we did. :)


  1. Found your blog today. Just saying that I'm praying.

    much love.

  2. I am glad you could enjoy the day with your wife and family and friends. You are blessed in the fact that so many love and care about you!

  3. Rainbow? the best God's gift for your birthday! "Feliz cumplea>nos John" We miss you.

    FROM: ALDI store #20

  4. What a wonderful group of family and friends, here's to hoping his birthday was a great success and the weekend too!

  5. This blog is amazing, you're truly a graceful human being. It's hard to read some of these posts without starting to tear up and I've never even met you. Although, I do know the feeling of heart-break and suffering, maybe that is why my heart is so sensitive to this subject. I am truly sorry for all that has happened :( My grandmother passed away from Leiomyosarcoma Cancer and our lives have changed forever since her loss. You and John are continually in my thoughts and prayers since I've heard of your story.

    I found this blog through Tia, hope it is okay to follow :) Happy Birthday to John - 11.5.10 :-D God Bless!


  6. Happy Birthday!