I thank my wife for so many things every single day. There is so much she does for me that I cannot begin to express my gratitude. One thing I want to thank her for is her patience. The endurance and patience a person must have to go through what we have gone through is great. I am not talking about the illness or the stress of a terminal illness. I am talking only of waiting in waiting rooms. People hate waiting at the doctor’s office, dentist’s office, and especially the DMV. Imagine four or five days a week going to the DMV and waiting hours for someone else to get their license. She waits patiently in the waiting room every day as I am in the back getting shots, getting prescription refills, and getting blood tests. She doesn’t complain nor does she ever seem impatient. For this I have to thank her because just last week alone she spent over 6 hours just waiting on my many doctor’s appointments.

At the same time I am thanking her for waiting, I want to bash the doctors’ offices for wasting so much time. I have to sign in and pay my copay every time I walk in the office. Then I have to wait to be called back by the nurse for my weight and blood pressure. Then I have to wait on the doctor to get the blood results. Then I have to wait on the doctor to come into the smaller waiting room with the results and explanations. I know there are nurses who read this blog and this is no bash at you. But there has to be a better way to organize these procedures. Is there not anyone overseeing these operations? Are there any operations coordinators or efficiency liaisons who can help?

Well that is enough being negative about waiting now I can be positive about football. College and pro seasons are fast approaching and I am an annual participant in fantasy football. This year I need some help coming up with a creative team name. Right now I have a couple of ideas, one including “The Cancer Cells.” But my creative juices are not working. In the past one name was “Oh Shit! We’re married.” This name was reference to Cat and I getting married that year. Another name was “2 Male Cheerleaders.” This was to make fun of two guys in the fantasy league who were male cheerleaders in high school. If you are reading this and were a male cheerleader in high school and I have yet to make fun of you, let me know so I can. But if anybody has a creative name I could use, please let me know. I like for them to make fun of people (celebrities or friends) or use current events such as my cancer…let me know!

-John :)


  1. I'd suggest "Kill This Bitch" as a team name

  2. I told bryan it wasnt a good ideal but he said he could meet girls that way, He made first cuts but know has to prove he can catch a 120lbs girl I guess we can hope he drops her:) we'll let you know try-outs end tomorrow.aunt Gail

  3. How about "I will survive"

  4. you should totally name your fantasy team team goddard. why not?! it's cooler than kill cancer or whatever you suggested but has the same significance...kinda :)


  5. 50% Cancer Free, 100% Awesome