Holy procrastination station....

Welcome to my graduate degree. This is the end of the first week and I have decided to take two classes. WOW. I am glad I am getting two "easier" (I love how some define easy at this point in time) classes out of the way in the beginning, but what a way to get put right back into reality when it comes to course work....especially at the graduate level. I am not really procrastinating...just delaying the inevitable. I have one last paper to turn in for the week, so for the most part, I have really been on top of everything. Then I get to turn around and start on week two. :)

I got back from Minnesota this past weekend and it was really an amazing trip. I have been doing very well at work, but I think this trip just added to that feeling of accomplishment and need for refreshment. I knew what Rasmussen has always been about, but it was that much better to hear it again a year and a half later. The group was really great too and I loved how they asked me endless questions about what I know and how I run my business. Again, it was something I needed and I cannot wait to start the week with a fresh feeling.

The Dallas Cowboys lost. UGH! I am not the happiest camper, but I'll get over it. O well. There is always next year...

Alright, just a little break to catch up on my infamous blog. I cannot believe the next two years of my life will be dedicated to school once again....and I cannot believe when it is all said and done, I will have my MBA. I cannot wait.

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